Do you have a fully executed (signed by the buyer AND seller) purchase agreement on a home?

Follow the steps below to upload your purchase agreement to your account. You may use this document to see a screenshot of each step.

1- Visit the customer portal here
2- Log in to your account.
3- Click on “My Documents” at the top of the screen.
4- Scroll to the middle of the page where you see the ‘Choose File’ button.
5- Click the ‘Choose File’ button. A pop up will open, select your document from there.
6- Once you have selected your document, click the ‘Open’ button on the pop-up.
7- Select the document type from the dropdown menu in your account. Click the arrow to expand the list.
8- Choose ‘Purchase Agreement’ from the list
9- Click the ‘Upload’ button. You WILL NOT be able to upload your document without selecting a document type.
10- Your document may take several seconds to upload, depending on the file size.
11- Scroll to the bottom of the page under ‘My Documents’ to ensure your purchase agreement was uploaded correctly.