CalHome has the funds you need to purchase a home.

The CalHome loan amount varies from $5,000 and up depending on need.

Mortgage Assistance Guidelines

The Community Housing Development Corporation (CHDC) has an allocation of State CalHome funds available for mortgage assistance to qualified borrowers purchasing homes in Contra Costa County. Funds are provided to qualified households in the form of 30-year, deferred-payment second mortgages.

Your New Home is within reach!


Income Eligibility

The CalHome borrower household must have a gross annual income not exceeding 80% of
county median income for the size of the household. Note that the gross income figure calculated for income-eligibility
purposes may vary substantially from the annual income a lender will use to underwrite the first mortgage.

First-Time Homebuyers

Borrowers must establish that they have not owned a home in the three years preceding
their application for CalHome assistance

CalHome Loan Amount

The CalHome loan amount varies from $5,000 to $38,000 depending on need.


CalHome funds may only be used to purchase a single-family residential dwelling, including condominiums.


The home to be purchased must have an appraisal prepared by a California State-licensed appraiser,
using comparable sales.

Requirements for First Mortgages on Cal Home-Financed Home Purchases


The CalHome borrower shall obtain a first lien position mortgage loan at the maximum amount
consistent with an affordable housing cost according to allowable debt ratios outlined below.

Interest Rates

Rates shall be fixed and shall not be more than the current market rate for the type of property being financed. Temporary or permanent interest rate reductions (buy downs) and adjustable interest rates are prohibited. A CalHome borrower may not pay any discount points to reduce the interest rate on the first mortgage.


The term of the loan shall be 30 years and any payments must be fully amortized over the term.

Cost of Financing

Fees and charges to the borrower for the first mortgage loan shall be reasonable and
must be approved in advance by the CalHome lender. However, yield spread premiums (rebated discount
points) and broker’s fees are not allowable.


The first mortgage lender is required to collect and manage impound accounts for payment of taxes, assessments and hazard insurance for the entire 30-year term.

Annual Income

For underwriting purposes, the lender shall use standard industry methods for determining the
borrower’s annual gross income.

Housing Debt Ratio

Monthly housing costs (front end ratio) shall be no less than 30% of the borrower’s gross annual income and no more than 40% of monthly gross income.

Not withstanding the above statement, monthly housing costs can exceed 40%, but not be more than 45%, if one or more of the following CalHome acceptable compensating factors are present:

  • The prospective borrower has successfully demonstrated over a minimum 12-month period the ability to
    pay housing costs equal to or greater than the proposed monthly housing costs for the property to be
    purchased. This means successfully handling housing costs plus any other household debt.

  • The prospective borrower has demonstrated a conservative attitude towards the use of credit and an ability to accumulate savings.
  • The prospective borrower has substantial non-taxable income.

  • Previous credit history shows that the prospective borrower has the ability to devote a greater potion of
    income to housing expenses.

  • There will be no more than a 20 percent increase in the prospective borrower’s housing expense.

Credit History

The borrower’s credit history shall indicate the ability to repay all debts, including:

  • No credit accounts past due at the time the prospective borrower’s deferred payment loan is recorded;

  • No outstanding unpaid judgments or involuntary liens at the time the CalHome loan is recorded; and

  • No bankruptcies, which have not been dismissed prior to recordation of the deferred payment loan or discharged at least 2 years prior to the borrower’s application for financing under the CalHome Program.