REDI (Racial Equity in Housing)

CHDC provides a broad range of affordable housing opportunities and services to enable low/moderate income residents to gain better housing and financial stability. Our unique approach to community development engages residents at the grassroots level and ensures that the whole neighborhood benefits from the affordable housing and neighborhood services provided.

Our Equity Statement

CHDC believes in the core values of Race, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and embrace these organizational values into our operations. We strive to advance our mission by acting strategically and intentionally to create positive environments for our community, customers, and all staff to flourish. The full equity statement can be found HERE.

Race, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Our Values

  • RESPECTING cultural and ethnic diversity as one of the core values guiding CHDC’s work in Its various lines of business.
  • ACKNOWLEDGING the systems and institutions within our industry that exist which may perpetuate inequities, and understanding it is our responsibility to deconstruct those ideas and practices.
  • PROMOTING racial equity, diversity, and inclusion as we interface with our clients in all facets of our work.
  • EMBRACING diversity by fostering a safe and inclusive environment where people are encouraged to express their opinions and speak their truth responsibly.
  • GATHERING unique perspectives to shape and influence how to solve problems, make decisions, and advance CHDC’s mission.
  • ENSURING that inclusionary practices are imbedded deep within CHDC’s corporate culture and are reflective of our engagement with one another and the communities we serve.
  • ESTABLISHING fair and equitable practices as we set goals, establish practices and evaluate outcomes.

Our Strategy

  • We’re committed to building a culture that supports a diverse and inclusive environment in hiring and career development, employee resource group development and ensuring a sense of belonging.

Our Initiatives

  • To addressing inequities we must use a racial equity lens that identifies and calls out disparities and addresses them both within our organization and requires that we constantly reflect on what we do and how we do it. CHDC will seek to address and define equitable access to programs and services.

Community Housing Development Corporation

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