Plugged In is the video series you’ve been waiting for! If you’re in the market for an electric car or simply interested in exactly what an electric vehicle is, Plugged In has all the answers. California has been “going green” for a long time but what does that really mean when it comes to what type of car you drive? We’ll explain to you why it matters and how you can find yourself behind the wheel of an EV.

Plugged In is comprised of three different video series that covers everything from maintenance to affordability to the real-life testimonials of EV owners. So, stick around and get… Plugged In! Check out the description for each series and video below.

The Debunked Series focuses on what you’ll need to know before making the switch from a fuel powered car to an electric powered car. It’s all about uncovering the mystery of why EVs are so popular and the smartest, cleanest choice in driving today. Buckle up because it’s time to get Debunked!

Hitting the Streets is a fun yet informative look at what people in the community already know about Electric Vehicles. Check us out to see how much you actually know about EVs and learn something new in the process. These entertaining and educational videos will have you playing right along!

We Made the Switch is a miniseries that talks to current owners of Electric Vehicles. Why did they decide to make the switch over to electric? What benefits have they experienced since getting behind the wheel? This is an inside a look at why people truly love their EVs!

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