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Who is Eligible for the Electric Vehicle Grant?

Income Requirements

Household Size Combined Income Must Be Less Than
1  $45,180
2  $61,320
3  $77,460
4  $93,600
5  $109,740
6  $125,880
7  $142,020
8  $158,160

Residence Requirements

Currently, we only serve individuals who live in disadvantaged communities within these counties:

  • Alameda County
  • Contra Costa County
  • Marin County
  • Napa County
  • Sacramento County
  • San Francisco County
  • San Mateo County
  • Santa Clara County
  • Santa Cruz County
  • Solano County
  • Sonoma County
  • Yolo County
  • Certain California Native American Tribes

To find out if you live in a disadvantaged community please visit .  We are working to expand this program into other counties. So, if you don’t live in the counties listed above, come back soon to check again.

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Driving Clean Assistance Program

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Bad Credit. No Problem.

Our team of counselors can help you navigate bad credit to get the car you need.

Affordable Financing Options

Affordable Financing Options

Our counselors will help you find affordable financing options that work for you while working with our local banking partner, Travis Credit Union.


Lots of Car Models Available

Select any new or used electric vehicle model and make. Choose the car you want.

Clients Are Saying

This program has provided us with the funds to purchase a car for our family that would allow us to easily buy groceries and for me to get to work on
time. I am very grateful for what this program provides and greatly appreciate the time and effort that was put into this entire process.

Johnny W.

My coordinator gave me a better understanding of my budget and finances. She worked tirelessly to coordinate with myself and the seller. As a disabled veteran and senior citizen I’m no longer able to repair and maintain my old vehicle anymore. I’m able to make my VA doctor appointments and visit my 13 year old without blowing my budget or worrying about an unexpected and unknown repair expense. Peace of mind is a blessing.

Floyd A.

This program and car has put me on the right path in achieving reliable transportation to school, work, etc. Thank you!

Genevie I.

The associates within DCAP were extremely helpful in guiding me through the steps to be taken in order to access the PHEV grant towards a vehicle that perfectly fits my needs. Now I can commute to and from school hassle free!

Coleman G.

I have wanted an electric vehicle for quite some time. I was driving a car that could not pass the smog test and now have the opportunity to drive a zero-emission vehicle. From the grant assistance to the personalized support, I don’t think I could have gotten an affordable, cleaner vehicle without DCAP’s program.

Brett Zeuner

If it wasn’t for this program there would be no way I would be able to afford this vehicle. I want to say thank you again for helping me progress in my life. it has made life so much easier to drop and pick up my children from school, after school programs and sports practices.

John H.

When I first learned about DCAP, I thought it was too good to be true but after hearing about other people’s successful experiences I decided to apply as well. Not only was it a good opportunity to increase my financial literacy but I was also able to purchase a “green” vehicle that I would’ve not been able to afford otherwise.

Souphaphone P.

Because of this program I now have a reliable vehicle to get to work. Now that I have this car, I have the piece of mind that I will never have to stress about missing work due to car troubles. I am proof that this program works and I encourage people to use it.

Anwar H.

Not only did I qualify for the down payment assistance I also received credit and budgeting counseling information that actually increased my credit store. I will forever appreciate DCAP.

Michael S.

My coordinator was so great. She guided me through the process and worked hard on my behalf to help me get into a quality vehicle. I am so grateful to her and CHDC-without their help I would be struggling to get to work/school/get my son to school and daycare. Through the program, I have been able to keep progressing on this path to self-sufficiency and success.

Irene E.

This vehicle will help me transport my daughter to school, help me increase the amount of hours at my job in order to earn more. Also, this vehicle will help me gain an independence I haven’t had for some time.

Renita R.

Thank you for all the support that you offer to me during my car purchase. I’m very happy because, I’m able to help the planet, and environment to
be free of pollution

Maria P.

DCAP was fantastic in helping me move through all the steps throughout. I really hope lots more people get the benefits of this program. What an immense help to our little family,

Eli L.

DCAP provided me with funds to help purchase an all electric vehicle, time, and a leadership mentor experience with my coordinator to develop and understand questions in several areas. In addition, the research experiences that I obtained from DCAP gave me the tools to cultivate and contribute to a clean environment.

Leticia C.

Honestly, I am speechless. Words can’t describe how grateful and honored that CHDC has supported me with a affordable car. My children and I will forever be grateful.

Brandy H.

Very thankful to have found out about this program, and loving our car!

Michael M.

It was a wonderful experience. My my coordinator was always available to answer my questions and concerns. She helped me from the beginning to the end of this process. This car will not be a financial burden on my family budget but rather a peace of mind.

Evila B.

Frequently Asked Questions

DCAP is a financial education and down payment assistance program for clean energy vehicles offered to low-income families/individuals. We offer two services: a grant of up to $7,500 (amount depends on income level and the vehicle type) and financing of up to $30,000. An applicant may apply for just one service or both.

Eligibility is based on several criteria which includes the California county where you reside and qualifying household income, which is 300 percent of the federal poverty level. Check if you qualify by entering your gross income and county of residency.  (Click here to see if you are eligible.)

Please fill out an eligibility questionnaire. If you are eligible, the questionnaire will allow you to download an application. To submit the application, you can either click on the submit button on the application itself, email a copy, mail a copy, or text us pictures of the application.

  • Ensure you are eligible
  • Complete your application and submit all required documentation
  • Once your file is complete, you will be assigned to a coordinator. The coordinator will be the direct point of contact moving forward approving your for the grant and/or loan. When you have been approved, you will receive an approval letter from the coordinator
  • Find a vehicle and send the dealership information to your coordinator
  • Once the dealership send all required documentation, we can disburse the funds to the dealership account.
  • After you have finalized your purchase, we can refer you to Grid Alternative for the EVSE charging grant

Due to high demand for DCAP grants, our processing time is taking approximately 12 weeks. Applications are processed in the order received. Please note, this is an estimation. Actual processing times may vary depending on demand.

Any vehicle qualifying as a plug-in hybrid, battery electric, or fuel cell. Both new and used vehicles are acceptable for either purchase or lease.

Used vehicles must meet the following restrictions:

  • Less than 8 years old
  • Less than 75,000 miles
  • Cannot be a salvaged title

Unfortunately, no. We are a point of sale program, which means you would have needed to apply before the purchase of the vehicle. Since we are a pre-purchase program, we are unable to provide grant funds retroactively. To be eligible, you would have needed to receive approval and to coordinate the vehicle purchase beforehand.

Up to $30,000 in low-interest auto loans from (Travis Credit Union) and up to $7,500 in grant funds from the State of California Air Resources Board. The grant amount varies depending on gross household income and the vehicle type (BEV vs FCE vs. PHEV ).

Anyone you are financially responsible for, we would consider a part of your household. This would include children, spouses, partners, etc. To ascertain if you are financially responsible for someone, consider how much of their expenses you pay.

We are NOT able to be stacked with CVAP or Clean Cars 4 All. Stacking with any State funded equity program (other than CVRP) is strictly prohibited. Failure to adhere to this mandate will constitute fraud and the grant received by the applicant will be forfeited and liable to being paid back to the administrators of the grant. We do NOT stack with most grants.

However, we DO stack with several rebates, such as: CVRP (California Vehicle Rebate Project), PCE (Peninsula Clean Energy aka Driving Forward), MCEv (Marin Clean Energy Electric Vehicle Rebate), PG&E, CFL (Clean Fuel Reward), Federal Tax Credit, etc. Each one of these programs/rebates have their own unique eligibility requirements and application process, which differs from our organization.  Please check each program’s website for eligibility, requirements, and how to apply

If you are interested in learning more about the aforementioned programs, here are two comprehensive lists of incentives and programs offered federally and by the state of California.

References – List of Incentives/Programs:

  1. California –
  2. Federal –

Grants received do not have to be repaid however, there are conditions.

  • The vehicle purchased with the grant must be registered in the applicant’s name and in California for a minimum of thirty months.
  • Stacking with any CARB funded equity program (other than CVRP) is strictly prohibited. Failure to adhere to either of these mandate will constitute fraud and the grant received by the applicant will be forfeited and liable to being paid back to the administrators of the grant.

Low interest loans will require repayment. Call the Driving Clean team for more information.

We have a list of partnered dealerships that will accept our grant and that we have worked with in the past (click here for the list of partnered dealerships). However, you are not required to go through these dealership. If the dealership is located in California and able to provide all required vehicle documentation, you should be able to work with them. Exercise caution when selecting a dealership. Communicate with the dealership of choice to ascertain if they will accept our grant before you begin the vehicle purchase process.

*Private sellers are not permitted*

If you purchase a Battery Electric Vehicle or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, up to $2,000 in additional grant funds are available for an at-home or public charge card. The eligible applicant must own the property where the charger will be installed or provide evidence from the property owner allowing the applicant to install and operate the charger. We have partnered with GRID Alternatives to provide installation services for clients. (GRID Alternative’s website). To be eligible for the charging grant, you must have successfully purchased a BEV or PHEV with the DCAP grant.

Most likely, you would still be eligible for the grant even if you are unemployed. However, you would not be eligible for our loan. We do require financial documents, even if you are unemployed. If you are receiving unemployment benefits, you can submit a 1099 form or Unemployment Benefits Award Letter, both of which can be downloaded from the unemployment website.

First, you must complete an application packet and submit all of the required documentation listed in the application. Once complete, your file will be assigned to a coordinator for further review and financial education. The coordinator will be working with you directly towards grant approval and the vehicle purchase/lease. After you receive a conditional grant and/or loan approval letter, you will be permitted to go car shopping. Please send us the dealership’s and sales representative’s contact information once you have selected a particular vehicle

Applicants can check the status of their application by emailing us at

Grant funds are wired directly to the dealership, on behalf of the grantee.

Thank You Program Partners

Travis Credit Union
Grid Alternatives
Access Clean California

Thank You Program Sponsors

Access Clean California

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Contact Us for More Information

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Or mail us at Community Housing Development Corporation

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