Community Building and Engagement

Learn how you can get involved in your community with CHDC

community engagement


Community Building and Engagement (CB&E) is a key component to Community Housing Development Corporation’s mission to create and sustain vibrant communities that makes a positive impact in people’s lives by proving high-quality affordable housings and neighborhood services. As a twenty-five-year-old community development corporation, CHDC has a strong and successful track record of developing sustainable communities and supporting the future of the communities it serves.



Our goal is to work together with the community leaders to make changes in neighborhoods, build coalitions and partnerships with a cross-section of organizations, individuals, and institutions.   Building effective and powerful community initiatives that catalyze change requires a comprehensive process engaging the diverse segments of the community.  This is why CHDC’s focus is to expose residents to the essential element of creating coalitions and partnerships that accomplish community goals.



Resident leadership is the key component that enables communities to realize their vision for a vibrant and welcoming place for all to call home. We support local leadership through education and professional development training.   CHDC facilitates on-going volunteer activities and community events such as, neighborhood cleanups, community resource day, community block parties,  table community events, national night-outs, multi-family crime free activities (crime watch program) health fairs as well as participation in other community events.   We also participate in neighborhood initiatives such as “Love Your Block” which promotes community involved neighborhood beautification.

Resident Tenant Associations and Neighborhood Council Partnership

Community Building and Engagement assists and provides leadership and training to residents:  Working with community leaders, we facilitate planning of new community initiatives through Neighborworks Community Leadership Institute to develop program and train residents.

North Richmond Mitigation

Community Building and Engagement (CB&E) performs outreach and education in the North Richmond Mitigation area. CB&E serves as the contact for community members interested in claiming Disposal Vouchers or Bulky-item Pick-ups.   We also assist community members interested in reporting illegal dumping and seeking referral/resources to reduce blight.

Our Community Building and Engagement program supports local residents’ engagement, leadership and participation in their communities.